Bad Checks

There are two types of bad checks.  The first being a non-sufficient funds check, the second a closed account.  Both require that a five (5) day notice be sent via certified mail to the check writer advising them that they have five days, from the receipt of the letter, to respond to you and remit payment and any fees that you incurred, or you will proceed with criminal charges.

PDF Icon Sample Five Day Notice Letter

After the five days there are two different ways to proceed:

Non-Sufficient Funds

In Genesee County there is a Bad Check Restitution Program funded by the Genesee County Prosecutors Office.  Contact the Bad Check Restitution Program at 800-743-8014 for a bad check crime report form.

Fill out the crime report form, attach originals (you retain photocopies) of all checks and notification documents, such as return receipts and bank notices and mail to:
Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney
Bad Check Restitution Program
P.O. Box 366
Flint, MI 48501-0366

If you do not receive restitution within 60 days, contact the Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Restitution Program.

Closed Account

If you have received a closed account check in Flushing Township, you can file a police report at our office.  After a report has been filed, we will attempt to make contact with the writer of the check.  We can either try to recover the funds or we will submit the report to our prosecutor for review of criminal charges.

CCW Application

If you are a resident of Flushing Township, you must obtain your CCW permit from the Genesee County Sheriff Department, if you wish to carry a concealed weapon.  You can contact the Genesee County Gun Board at 810-257-3418.

Employment Application

You can submit a resume to:
Flushing Township Police Department
Attention: Chief Denny VanAlstine
6524 N. Seymour Rd.  
Flushing, MI 48433

You must also be registered with the EMPCO website.

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act, commonly known as the FOIA, was enacted by Congress in 1966 to give the American public greater access to the Federal Government's records. The Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996 expanded the scope of the FOIA to encompass electronic records and require the creation of "electronic reading rooms" to make records more easily and widely available to the public. Most recently in December 2005, Executive Order 13392, "Improving Agency Disclosure of Information," reaffirmed that FOIA "has provided an important means through which the public can obtain information regarding the activities of Federal agencies" and required Federal agencies to make their FOIA programs "citizen-centered and results-oriented."

FOIA Request for Public Records

Vacation Check Form

The Flushing Township Police Department will check resident's homes for them while they are away on vacation.  If you would like to have a vacation check placed on your home, please complete the Vacation Request Form below.  Contact us at 810-659-0809 during regular business hours.

Vacation Check Form