Township Hall is located at 6524 North Seymour Rd.and is available for rental.


Township Hall for business meeting - $50

Township Hall rental including tables, chairs and kitchen facilities:

Resident Cost - $100
Non-Resident Cost - $150

***Each use requires a $100 refundable deposit in addition to the rental fee***

16 – 6’ rectangular white plastic tables
97 chairs

Hall Rental Rules

  1. No smoking or alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  2. Please respect the coat racks, tables, chairs and any other items of interest as if they were your own in order to keep the Township Hall in good condition for future hall rentals. Please do not touch the fire extinguisher unless it is needed.
  3. Do not tape decorations to the painted or paneled walls. Please remove all decorations, etc. that are attached to tables, pictures, and door or doorframes after your event.
  4. Township property such as pictures, banners and flags are not to be taken down or removed from the building.
  5. Supplies such as garbage bags, towels, etc. are to be supplied by the person renting the hall.
  6. Cleaning supplies such as brooms, dustpans, mops and mop buckets are located in the kitchen closet for your use in cleaning up the premises after your event.
  7. Floors should be swept and cleaned so the building is left in the same or better condition than when you first arrived. The next person would like a clean area for their event also.
  8. Please double check and remove, if necessary, any debri that is left in the foyer, under the drinking fountain, and in the bathrooms, etc. After your party. Please remove all debri outside the building by the picnic table and the ground by the front door when your event is over.
  9. Put all trash in the dumpster located outside the building to the east of the hall by the pole barn.
  10. When you leave the building, lock the double glass front door from the inside and exit through the single door by the kitchen. Remove the “metal door clip” and the door should lock behind you. Go to the front of the building by the double glass doors (main entrance) and put the key in the “deposit box”.
  11. Any damage done to the building, fixtures, etc. will result in the forfeiture of your deposit and possibly an additional cost to you. If the building has been left in order, you will receive your deposit within two weeks. If the building is not cleaned according to the rental contract, the deposit will not be returned.


Please call the Township offices at 810-659-0800




Flushing Township Hall with American Flag

Flushing Township Hall

Flushing Township Hall Kitchen