1606 E. Webster Rd.
Flint, MI   48505

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PDF Icon Recycling, Trash & Compost Yard Waste Collection Schedule

Your pick-up day is MONDAY.
Please have your Trash & Recycling out by 7:00 a.m. on your service day.

PDF Icon Waste Recycle & Compost Flyer

Leaf Pickup Only - No Grass, No Sticks

The leaves should be raked on top of the curb.  Not into the street.  Grass and Sticks must always be bagged.  Nothing should be raked into the road!  The Township will be ticketing those who rake in the road

Zone 1 (yellow)

Starting November 6 & continuing through November 20 (every other week)

  • Saddlehorn Dr
  • Buffalo Court
  • Overland Tr
  • Conestoga Dr
  • Pine Bluff Dr
  • Chickasaw Tr
  • Wabun Ct
  • Navajo Tr
  • Tahquamenon Tr
  • Shoshone Tr
  • Sioux Ct
  • Potawatami T
  • Cedardale Ln
  • Sprucedale Dr
  • W. Carpenter
  • Twin Oaks Ct

Zone 2 (green)

Starting October 30 & continuing through November 12 (every other week)

  • Jaclyn Ann Dr
  • Jamie Ln
  • Wesley Dr
  • Applewood Dr
  • Apple Blossom Ln
  • Spy Dell Dr
  • Woodridge Dr
  • Ambleside Dr
  • Fountain View Dr
  • Shady Brook Ln
  • Misty Morning Dr
  • Bending Brook
  • Falling Leaf Ct
  • Longview Dr
  • Cornerstone Dr
  • Woodvalley Dr
  • Tim Tam Tr
  • Gallant Fox Tr
  • Nashua Tr
  • Fountainview Ct
  • Krystal Ct
  • Tomy Lee Tr
  • McIntosh Circle
  • Falling Leaf Ct

Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment

Genesee County is requesting input from citizens concerning the Genesee County Solid Waste Plan. A public hearing, for the purpose of obtaining comments on the Solid Waste Management Plan, will be held on April 5, 2023, at 1:00 PM in the Genesee County Administration Building, Room 222, 1101 Beach Street, Flint.

Click here to read the Draft Genesee County Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment



  • All waste must be bagged. NO LOOSE DEBRIS.
  • Residents are allowed (1) one large item per week.
  • Waste containers mush weigh under 50 pounds.
  • Carpet should be cut or rolled and bundled and set beside waste containers. No more than (1) one room per week.
  • Mirrors/Class MUST be taped completely in order to be accepted.
  • To dispose of paint, use sand or kitty litter to completely dry out any leftover paint. Set next to waste container without the lid. Lid may be thrown away with the regular trash.

Unacceptable Materials:

Tires, concrete, fencing, any contractor generated materials, free liquids (paints, pesticides etc.), car parts, appliances containing Freon, florescent bulbs (in excess of seven per household), and car batteries.


  • All recycling must be loose. DO NOT BAG RECYCLING.
  • Place newspapers, phone books, magazines & glossy newspaper inserts in brown paper bags or bundle and tie with string.
  • Clean corrugated cardboard must be bundled and tied in (2) two-foot squares, not exceeding a thickness of (1) one foot.
  • Plastics should be rinsed clean of all liquid with the cap removed. No motor oil, antifreeze or cooking oil containers please.
  • Clean tin and aluminum cans. These items may be flatted to conserve space in your container.
  • Clear, brown and green empty glass. The glass should rinsed out.


  • Place yard waste in brown yard waste bags or in plastic 30-gallon containers clearly marked "X" facing the street.
  • Branches are to be no more than (2) two inches in diameter, no longer than (4) four feet in length, and must be bundled/tied with rope or twine.
  • Bundles and containers must weigh less than 50 pounds.
  • No tree stumps or trunks are accepted.
  • No compost will be accepted in plastic bags.

Handicap Stop Policy

  • ANY and ALL person(s) living at the residence must be unable to get waste/recycling to the curb.
  • NO compost or large items are picked up at the door for the handicap stops. ALL large items and compost MUST be taken to the curb.
  • ONLY trash and recycling will be picked up door-side.
  • ALL trash materials MUST BE IN TRASH BAGS.
  • ALL recycling must be in the bin loose.
  • On rare occasions, handicap stops will be picked up by a Supervisor truck as opposed to the regular waste/recycling truck.

Can/Cart Replacement Policy

  • NO can/cart will be replaced without picture or video of damage.
  • Damaged cart MUST be taken in trade for replacement.
  • We will follow manufacturer's warranty policies.
  • Factors that will be used to determine if replacement is warranted:
    1. Unusual wear and tear
    2. Whether home is located on a main road
    3. Type and maker of cart and storage of cart
    4. Time of year (Winter = Plows)
  • Cans used for yard waste will not be replaced after 30 days.