Public Notice

To the Residents of the Charter Township of Flushing

Notice of Public Hearing on Increasing Property Taxes

The Charter Township of Flushing will hold a public hearing to return its general fund operating levy to .5000 Mill from .4788 Mill, the rate rolled back by Genesee County Equalization.  The difference is .0212 Mills or 4.43% and returns our authorized Mill to .5000 Mill.  Township is authorized to levy 1.0400 Mills.

The Township proposes to levy 3.2212 Mills on the authorized 3.4114 Mills approved for police operations.  The present rate of 3.0846 Mills, as rolled back by Genesee County Equalization, if returned to 3.2212 Mills will represent a change of 4.43% or .1336 Mills.

The Truth in Taxation Hearing will be held at the regular Township Board Meeting on September 8, 2022 at 7:00 pm.  To be held at the Flushing Township Hall, located at 6524 N. Seymour Rd. Flushing, MI  48433