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Treasurer's Responsibilities

Treasurer Peck
Terry A. Peck – Treasurer

There are two types of taxes the treasurer is charged with collecting: real property taxes and personal property taxes. The tax amount is based on the taxable value of the property and the millage assessed by the entity.
Upon receipt of the tax roll, the treasurer shall proceed to collect taxes, account for, and deliver to the county treasurer and other tax assessing entities. 
By State statute, the treasurer is required to receive and take charge of all funds belonging to the township or which are required by law to be paid into the township treasury, and to pay over and account for the funds according to law or township board decision.
The treasurer should maintain a uniform system of accounting as promulgated by the state treasurer and should keep an accurate accounting for each township fund so that s/he can accurately report on the status of those funds. 
The treasurer shall invest public funds as directed by the township board in lawful investments as authorized by state statute and township investment policy. The Treasurer has been designated to prepare and administer the annual budgets under policies formulated by the Township Board.

A charter township board has the authority to appoint a township superintendent and to delegate functions specified in the statute (MCL 42.10)
  1.  Accordingly, The Flushing Township Board has appointed Treasurer Terry A. Peck Township  Superintendent and delegated the functions specified in (MCL 42.10) to her charge.   to see that all laws and township ordinances are enforced;
  2.  To manage and supervise all public improvements, works and undertakings of the township
  3.  To have charge of the construction, repair, maintenance, lighting and cleaning of streets, sidewalks, bridges, pavements, sewers, and all public buildings or other property belonging to the township;
  4.  To manage and supervise the operation of all township utilities;
  5.  To be responsible for the preservation of property, tools and appliances of the township;
  6.  To see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the township or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise or in any contract are faithfully kept and performed;
  7.  To attend all township board meetings with the right of the superintendent to discuss issues, but not vote;
  8.  To be an ex-officio member of all committees of the township board;
  9.  To prepare and administer the annual budget under policies formulated by the township board and keep the board fully advised at all times as to the financial condition and needs of the township;
  10.  To recommend to the township board for adoption such measures as s/he may deem necessary or expedient;
  11.  To be responsible to the township board for the efficient administration of all departments of the township government;
  12.  To act as the purchasing agent for the township or, under his responsibility, delegate such duties to some other officer or employee;
  13.  To conduct all sales of personal property that the township board may authorize to be sold;
  14.  To assume all the duties and responsibilities as personnel director of all township employees or delegate such duties to some other officer or employee, and
  15.  To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this act or required by ordinance or by direction of the township board or which are not assigned to some other official in conformity with the provisions of this act (MCL 42.10, etc.).