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Building Permits and Inspections

Listed below is the procedure for obtaining a Building Permit or to have an Inspection:

1. On the internet go to 

2. On the left side of the screen click "forms"

3. In the center of the page, click "Building Division"

4. Copy of Approved Zoning Permit From Flushing Township. The current assessor acts as Zoning Administrator, Dennis Judson.  If you should have any zoning questions, please don’t hesitate to call 659-0800.

5. In the center of the page, click "Building Permit Application"

6. Procedure to obtain a Building Permit:

a. Fill out the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth Bureau of Construction Codes - Requirements for Obtaining Building Permits from the Bureau of Construction Codes form. It will take approximately ten (10) days to obtain a building permit if it is mailed in to the State OR you can drive to the State Office at 2501 Woodlake Circle, Okemos, MI 48864 and get a building permit immediately.

b. Before you send anything to the State or go to Okemos, you must have the following:
1. A complete set of plans for your project.

2. The building permit application (which you got off the internet)

3. Payment for the State which can be cash or checks. They do not accept credit or debit cards.

c. Call State Building Inspector Michael Corkins at 517-375-8026 for any questions pertaining to building permits/inspections and to answer any questions that you may have.